Logo Nova Dream


What do I propose?

Artistic Creation

I propose personalized realizations in collection or individual.

They can be put in NFT or printed on canvas, posters, tshirts, skateboards, etc. The choice is yours.

My work consists of creating artworks in collaboration with various artificial intelligences.

Who I am ?

As an artist, web designer and trainer of 26 years, I have a double hat of artist and developer and I also mix my passion for technologies with Art.

I started working with computers at the age of 8, so it’s been more than 15 years that I’ve been working in this field. Currently residing in Toulouse, France. I have +10 years of experience in website creation, +9 years in python programming and +10 years in blockchain.

Moreover I have +1 year of experience as a trainer. I have already trained +32 students of all ages in the field of blockchain whether NFT or cryptocurrency.