Sculptures of Mysteries

This collection “Sculptures of Mysteries” is my second collection, it contains a total of 26 works generated with artificial intelligence by applying the artistic style of an artist.

The creation of these works consisted of finding 61 images of sculptures and 50 paintings in the public domain. After the generation of the works, 26 works were selected for the best possible rendering.

In total the artificial intelligence worked for 3 days non-stop, it generated 2500 images to sort. On the 26 selected images, it was necessary to make a complete clipping, an upscale with an AI on the final image, to make a work on the exposure as well as the temperature of the image so that the final works have a perfect rendering.

All this work results from approximately one week of work, 67h of generation by the AI and 25h of human work (On 3 days).