Ma 間

These 3 works were created for the Design Week 2022 in Milan. They will exhibited at Studio Rö.

The videos of the spheres are created using artificial intelligence with sound vibrations.

The first is the vibration of the Earth (土 Tsuchi), the second is the vibration of Nature (自然 Shizen) and the third is the vibration of the Brain (脳 Noh).

The difference in frequency can be clearly seen when looking at the 3 works.
The generated waves are also created with the help of sound vibrations.
The final rendering is generated with Blender.

The realizations are available in NFT on  Foundation in 4K.

All this work is the result of about 3 weeks of work.

Tsuchi 土 (Terra)

Shizen 自然 (Plant)

Nô 脳 (Cerebrum)