As a 26-year-old independent artist and developer, my job is to identify and use artificial intelligence technologies to create artworks.

I started working with computers when I was 8 years old, so it’s been more than 15 years that I’ve been working in this field. Currently living in Toulouse, France, I have been interested in the field of Machine Learning for more than 8 years, to develop solutions for a better future.

This has allowed me to create artworks with the aim of representing machines, in relation to human artistic creations, by mixing artistic styles of famous artists such as Edward Hopper or Claude Monet with various architectures, landscapes or sculptures.

This technique allows to visualize what one of these artists could have done nowadays, thus making them discoverable to non initiates to Art.

Recently I have become passionate about 3D creation and the use of sound to generate artworks representing dreams realized by machines.

Each of my collections represents a specific theme that leads the viewer to reflect and travel.